Top Burgers in LA

Top Burgers in LA - Featured Image

Well, it’s a new year and changes have been brewing. 6 Months ago, half of we love burgers relocated to Los Angeles. During this time, I’ve been seriously researching the Los Angeles burger scene, and I now release to you, my top 5 burgers in Los Angeles, California. I’m not done searching, but this will definitely keep you occupied on your next trip out West, or reinvigorate your burger eating for those Angelinos already out here. In no particular order, my top burgers in LA: #1. In-N-Out burger. Some may hate us for this, but this restaurant is what started …

Burger 21, Orlando Florida

Burger 21, Orlando Florida - Featured Image

Another submission from the sunshine state: Burger 21′s Tex-Mex Haystack features lettuce, tomato, applewood-smoked bacon, smoked Gouda cheese, guacamole, crispy onion strings and chipotle-jalapeño sauce on a brioche bun. Looks delicious to us! Look them up next time you’re in Orlando.

96 Winery Road, Somerset West, South Africa

96 Winery Road, Somerset West, South Africa - Featured Image

Weloveburgers doesn’t even have a map for the faraway places our dear Kate Owens is traveling to. But we simply can’t pass on her reviews. We would follow her anywhere and you should too. “After wandering around the Swahili Coast I headed to South Africa. I was expecting to lounge at wine bars drinking white wine outdoors for what is their summer solstice but found myself desperately searching for sweaters. The sweaters resulted in red wine drinking and thus a burning desire for a good burger. I found one that ranks among the best I’ve ever tasted at 96 Winery …

Lazuli, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Lazuli, Stone Town, Zanzibar - Featured Image

Kate Owens, our roving burgermonger sends word from distant shores… “The burger travels continue deep into the Swahili Coast as we found ourselves on a tropical island still looking for the most delicious burger around. This time the jury as seen below has decided that Lazuli takes home the prize for those wandering in the land of fish curry and stewed bananas. It is important to note that we have an extremely experienced jury whose burger taste buds have gone from Dominica to Senegal to Mauritius and of course Western Massachusetts. Each judge has found himself or herself homesick and …

Racks, Bristol

Racks, Bristol - Featured Image

We received this recent post from one of our visitors, looks worthy of crossing the pond for. Cheers! 100% British Beef with melted smoked applewood in a rustic ciabatta served with crispy fries and our homemade tomato and onion relish. £10 Is a thick juicy homemade burger cooked as you like (I like it medium rare). The rustic ciabatta is soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. It comes with a massive portion of fries (or chips as we called them) and a homemade onion and tomato relish. And is 2 for 1 on Mondays! Photo courtesy of …