“You have to go to Corner Bistro!”

We heard this more times than we care to admit.
Now, we’re ashamed we didn’t go sooner.
We avoided the usual line that snakes out the door and down the street of this west village watering hole by going on a rainy Monday afternoon. They’re not lined up for the drinks here.
Ask for a booth in the back and order the Bistro burger: classic bun, raw onion, juicy 8-ounce patty, cheese, heap of bacon, tomato, lettuce, bun- in that order. This one challenges the jaw but goes easy on the wallet (it’s only 6.75! In Manhattan!).
There are no frills here. In fact, it feels a bit like time stopped ticking away long ago. But there’s a friendly, convivial vibe and it seems like the guys working there would always be happy for another regular or two.
Hopefully you’ll have the pleasure of being served by Luis. He’ll make you feel right at home.
-Be sure to say hello.

Corner Bistro 331 West 4th Street @ Jane Street, New York City
212 242 9502
Cash only.

Corner Bistro, New York City - Image 1