Weloveburgers doesn’t even have a map for the faraway places our dear Kate Owens is traveling to. But we simply can’t pass on her reviews. We would follow her anywhere and you should too.

“After wandering around the Swahili Coast I headed to South Africa. I was expecting to lounge at wine bars drinking white wine outdoors for what is their summer solstice but found myself desperately searching for sweaters. The sweaters resulted in red wine drinking and thus a burning desire for a good burger. I found one that ranks among the best I’ve ever tasted at 96 Winery Road.

I got to the burger on a second visit because for dinner the duck and cherry pie had to be tested and was so outstanding that I found myself wondering about the burger as soon as I woke up the following morning. I managed to distract myself with some amazing hikingĀ  in the morning but then headed straight to 96 Winery Road. The burger was outstanding even if my photography was not. The bun is a square focaccia that has been smeared with pesto on both sides. All I need to tell you about the onions is that they are caramelized in red wine ( I know you are headed to the kitchen right now to try some out for yourself. Don’t lie.). The cheese was a melty mess of brie goodness. And I think there were some mushrooms in there but to be honest I was so over the moon that I can’t tell you anything about them.

The only disappointment was the lack of fries. The burger comes with some veggie tempura that seemed totally out of place with a burger of these proportions. Note that the photo attempts to make it all look healthier because there is a bulgar wheat salad lurking in the background. But don’t be fooled, that was the side for the husband’s chicken something that he abandoned when he realized how great my burger was.

So I am happy to report that in our journey around a small bit of Africa, 96 Winery Road has topped the charts and is even good enough to recommend that you get over here and try it for yourself.”