Well, it’s a new year and changes have been brewing. 6 Months ago, half of we love burgers relocated to Los Angeles. During this time, I’ve been seriously researching the Los Angeles burger scene, and I now release to you, my top 5 burgers in Los Angeles, California.

I’m not done searching, but this will definitely keep you occupied on your next trip out West, or reinvigorate your burger eating for those Angelinos already out here.

In no particular order, my top burgers in LA:

#1. In-N-Out burger.

Some may hate us for this, but this restaurant is what started it all for us. Sometimes you just want in-n-out.

#2. Juicy Burger.

I tend to frequent the los feliz branch of juicy burger a bit too much. No muss, no fuss, get it exactly how you like it to the 1/3rd pound.

#3. The Apple Pan.

My partner in crime raves about this place more than I do, but I have to hand it to her, and add it to this list, just because if you’re in LA and want a burger, this is a great place to hang out, and feel like a local.

#4. Mess Hall

Another neighborhood haunt for me. If you want a bigger, fancier, steak burger, thats still not too fancy, this is the place. Delicious! And you can sit outside by a fire year round. Big deal for ex new yorkers.

#5. Umami Burger.

Its just different enough to break you out of your burger rut, but not so different that you won’t satisfy your good ol’ burger craving.

Help my continue my search and send your burger reviews to submit@weloveburgers.com. Don’t forget a picture for us to post! (one from your phone will do just fine)
And happy new year from We Love Burgers – Archiving the nations burgers, one bite at a time (now from East and West coasts alike).

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