Howell’s Bar, Dearborn MI

Howell’s Bar, Dearborn MI - Featured Image

Another visitor submission, this time from Michigan! I snagged a photo to go with the revew courtesy of Area Fare, a great blog which has an amazing Detroit burger run down. Read it here. Don’t be in a hurry. You just won’t get a burger in under 20 minutes. Jimmy gets his hamburger fresh daily from the Eastern Market and he makes them by hand when you order them. Enjoy the jukebox, the septuagenarian waitresses or maybe your company, cuz the burger won’t get there fast. It is worth every minute of the wait. It must be 2/3rds of a …

Hubcap Grill, Houston TX

Hubcap Grill, Houston TX - Featured Image

Hubcap Grill in Houston offers a large assortment of burgers, fries, and beer. Special varieties of burgers include the Quadruple Heart Clogger (beef, hotdog, bacon, chili, and cheese) and the Texas BBQ burger among many many other crazy varieties. Pictured is the jalapeno cheese burger. Nearly all outdoor seating gives quality atmosphere (at least when it’s not over 98 degrees). Go check it out.

Five Leaves, Brooklyn NY

Five Leaves, Brooklyn NY - Featured Image

Ok. This is it.  If I could pick one burger to have for the rest of my life, it would be from Five Leaves in Brooklyn NY.  Surprising, as the restaurant is a bit Australiand and a bit New Zealand, and I stand by a good ol fashioned american burger, but somehow this place just does it right. The bun is perfect, the meat is flavorful and juicy. The sauce is a spicy harrisa mayo with a touch of lime. I choose to go for the more classic burger, but you can also jazz it up and order the “five leaves” …

Coppelia, New York, NY

Coppelia, New York, NY - Featured Image

Thank you, Stan Smith, for bringing this spot to our attention. Our apologies in not posting it a whole lot sooner. “Coppelia bills itself as a 24/7 Cuban luncheonette. Having been to Havana the decor does a decent job imparting a Cuban feel and the friendly enthusiastic staff keep you coming back. The burger on the menu runs circles around its Havana counterpart where not only is the meat a mystery but so are the “fillers” that stretch out the incredibly expensive grayish beef of Cuba. Now about the burger: good sized, nicely charred beef with a perfectly complementing roll. …

S&B Burger Joint, OK

S&B Burger Joint, OK - Featured Image

Place: S&B Burger Joint Burger: The Black & Blue Review: If you like blue cheese, this is the burger you. Too big to handle without a fork & knife, the black & blue will leave you happily pre-occupied. Layered with treasures such as avocado, bacon, blue cheese, grilled onions & ranch dressing- this burger is a considerable steal at $7.50. (Go Monday nights to get any burger for $5.) Side options at this bizarrely situated joint are so-so (the fried green beans are the heroes), but the homemade pies are perfect. Try the s’mores pie- a warm, rich finish to …